Maureen Sweeney Kyle as well as the missionary servants out of holy love (holylove

Maureen Sweeney Kyle as well as the missionary <a href=""></a> servants out of holy love (holylove

  • Rhoda Wise
  • The Women out of Laus, France – Benoite (Benedicta) Rencurel
  • Pedro Regis away from Brazil, All of our People from Anguera ( — Warning! This visionary received real texts regarding the Blessed Virgin Mary, but he has gone astray in the correct trust because of the rejecting Pope Francis. Forget their own interpretation of those texts.
  • Carmela Carabelli ( – Italy, 1968 so you can 1978
  • The personal revelation from the book «The guy and i» from the Gabrielle Bossis
  • Adele Brise off Champ, Wisconsin, Us, during the October 1859, according to the label: All of our Females of great Let (authorized by the local Bishop)
  • Gladys Herminia Quiroga de Motta – authorized by the local Bishop
  • Rosa Mystica apparitions and you may short-term texts so you can Pierina Gilli, a nursing assistant, in the Montichiari, Italy. Certainly, this can be a real individual disclosure, and a valuable devotion. Highly demanded.

During my very humble and you can pious thoughts since a loyal Roman Catholic theologian, the second claims out-of individual disclosure, as well as their relevant lessons in regards to the future, is actually not the case :

«The prophets have seen incorrect and foolish some thing for your requirements. And they have maybe not applied unlock your own iniquity, to help you induce one to repentance. But really he’s got seen for your requirements not true revelations and you will banishments.» (Lamentations dos:14).

«Behold, I’m from the prophets, who dream what’s incorrect, states the lord; just who explain thereby seduce my personal those with its falsehoods and you can along with their marvels, whether or not I did not send her or him, nor did We command her or him. He’s got offered absolutely nothing great for this somebody, claims the father.» (Jeremiah )

«Today new Spirit keeps certainly asserted that in the end minutes some individuals commonly leave throughout the trust, enjoying morale out of error as well as the doctrines regarding devils. » (1 Timothy 4:1)

Marie Julie Jahenny out of Los angeles Fraudais, mystic and stigmatic: «At the time of this new means of one’s punishments announced within Los angeles Salette, a limitless number of not the case revelations will arise off hell-like a-swarm regarding flies; a last test from Satan in order to choke and ruin the assumption from the true revelations by not true of these.»

01. org) – [Evaluation] Vatican’s Doctrinal Workplace: Try not to Bring So-called Apparitions Connected to ‘Lady of all of the Nations’ “Contained in this sense, the latest Congregation into Philosophy of the Faith reaffirms the latest authenticity of one’s bad judg­ment into the supernaturality of the so-called ‘apparitions and revelations’ to Ms. Ida Peerdeman passed by St. Paul VI to your and you can wrote toward .» “This view means that most people are recommended to cease one propagation concer­ning new alleged apparitions and you may revelations of your Women of all of the Places. Ergo, employing the images and you will prayer don’t in any way getting consi­dered an identification – not even implicitly – of your supernaturality of one’s situations at issue.”

03. org) [Research | Evaulation, part dos | Letter of your own Bishop | Decree of the Bishop facing «Holy Love Ministries»

06. Nothing Pebble — the females of your ark ( – [Evaluation] 07. Jennifer — Divine Correspondence, Inc. (wordsfromjesus) – [Evaluation] 08. Veronica Lueken, Bayside Ny ( – [Evaluation] 09. the Hushed Sound ( regarding Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – [Evaluation] ten. Maria Valtorta (Poem of Man-God) – [Review | Article at the EWTN]

Ida Peerdeman — the lady of the many regions (ladyofallnations

ImmaculateHeart/visionary.html) – [Evaluation] a dozen. Marisa Rossi therefore the laicized previous priest Claudio Gatti, who states be a bishop. ( – [Evaluation]

thirteen. Vassula Ryden — true life during the Goodness ( – [Evaluation] [] Notice into the Vassula Ryden – of the Congregation into Philosophy of the Trust (PDF format) Clarification towards the Alerts – because of the Congregation on the D Statement of the Cardinal Levada: «This new Alerts from 1995 remains valid about the dined. it is reminded your participation of Catholics in prayer organizations structured by the Mrs Vassula Ryden isn’t advisable.» This new Patriarch of the Orthodox Church features destined Vassula Ryden’s claimed individual revelations.

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