Later it was divided in to the fresh new parishes away from St

Later it was divided in to the fresh new parishes away from St

We and you may Hannah Richardson–shb]

Northern Neck Division On the Areas–STAFFORD So you can SPOTSYLVANIA In order to FREDERICK: The Fairfax Exclusive, by Josiah Search Dickinson (Top Regal, Virginia: Warren Drive, 1959), p. 12: “I have already got specific account of creation away from Spotsylvania Condition, during the 1720. George’s and St. Mark’s. . . hence you to an element of the told you condition which is today the latest parish regarding St. George are nevertheless and stay called and you may known called Spotsylvania Condition; and all of that territory regarding house adjacent so you’re able to and over the told you range, bounded southerly because of the collection of Hanover County, northerly by the grant of your Lord Fairfax, and you will westerly of the utmost restrictions of Virginia, getting thenceforth erected into one to line of county, getting entitled and you can understood by the name of Orange State.’ [footnote step 1. Hening, Vol. cuatro, p. 450].

“The following offer from the Manager Publications, Council regarding Colonial Virginia, April 23, 1734, appears to show that part of Stafford State got already fell into the Spotsylvania State, plus the brands of ‘adventurers’ offered evidently shows that the latest territory worried try after amateurmatch ward Frederick County: ‘For the discovering from a Petition from the Inhabitants towards North western area of the Blew Ridge out of Hills, hoping you to some people is appointed because Magistrates to determine distinctions and you will discipline Culprits in regard the new Petitioners alive far secluded regarding the oriented Counties into the Nest. This is the thoughts of the Council you to Joost Hyte [look for RIN 28847–shb], Morgan Morgan, John Smith, Benjamin Bourden [pick RIN 28283–shb] and you may George Hobson become designated Justices within the Restrictions aforesaid, and that they be added to the Comn of Peace to the County of Spotsylvania, until around become a suficient Level of Population to your Nothwest region of the told you Hills to make a county out of alone, But that Persons above named getting maybe not Obliged supply its Attendance since Justices of Legal of your County from Spotsylvania’ [footnote 2. Administrator Journals, Council out of Colonial Virginia, Vol. IV, p. 318].” –shb

From the August, 1734, concept of your Set up Orange County are dependent, to become energetic January step one, 1735, below: ‘

CARTMELL’S Defective Records Mentions WILLIAM I: Photocopy sent shb of the – Shenandoah Area Pioneers as well as their Descendants – A track record of Frederick State, Virginia, by T. K. Cartmell, Clerk of your Old State Legal, (Winchester, Virginia, 1919), p. 440: “There are plenty of descendants of the pioneers exactly who compensated along the southern area empties away from Hogue Creek, very well recognized to mcdougal, which he discovers it difficult to pass through her or him by. The old household remaining interesting traditionary records which is often utilized within the independent images. [Paragraph] Which have English and you can Scotch-Irish emigrants just who compensated into higher drainage from Hogue Creek [which place is actually disputed by the Hayden, below–shb], try William Hall, exactly who safeguarded a give for two,236 miles: and went on discover numerous household; but are hindered because of the Lord Fairfax, whom in the end compromised and done release deed, 1764. The old leader died inside the 1768 [zero, 1764–shb] and you may is been successful because of the their child William. He and his brothers James, Thomas and you can Bennett [William II had no aunt named Bennett–shb] mainly based property on some affairs on high survey. That have Hallway was a good Scotch-Irishman exactly who composed his name while the David Mulelcuro; by someone else created Mucklewee. This was the fresh leader of McIlwee relatives, which has kept move in this part for around one hundred ages. For this was at 1808 title for the family is actually first-written McIlwee. David, brand new pioneer, with his a few sons, William and you can Daniel, was in fact which have Capt. William Hallway in the raid out-of a band away from marauding Indians, 1788.” [I believe so it Capt. William Hall try Wm. Hall III (RIN 6683, meters. Mirriam/Mary Tullis), guy regarding Wm. II and you may Age Lucas, Wm. II, the fresh son out-of Wm. [Paragraph] Col. James B. Hall had the home the spot where the Wotring group today live [Col. James’ dau. Nancy V. m. master Daniel Elizabeth. Wotring–shb.] The Places have the ability to gone away cut Jno. W. good grandson out of Col. Hall.” [Which Col. James B. Hall are my personal RIN 19062 who yards. es B. Hall is son of Bennett Hallway and you can Nancy Hammond, Bennett brand new man away from James Hallway and you will Age Bennett, James the latest kid of Quaker, Thomas Hall, along with his partner, Hannah Hibberd–shb.] –shb

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